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In a time where Colleges and Universities are facing problems such as:

The impact of increased tuition and expenses for students
Negative PR and Media reports questioning the value of education
The economic impact of student debt, which has reached $1.53 Trillion!
Outdated technology infrastructure, data collection and university safety
Poor student performance, retention and graduation rates

Imagine . . . a unique and overarching technology platform that helps you to reduce or solve many of the challenges faced by post-secondary education institutions.

What did we do?

TEDU has developed a data-focused, enterprise platform that's simple to use and integrates with universities worldwide.

Through TEDU's subscription model, you gain access to an ecosystem of educational utilities that are each personalized for your campus and students. Unlike the typical headaches associated with Ed-Tech pricing and implementation, TEDU maintains the platform and it is constantly upgraded with new features and utilities at no additional cost to your university.

Tedu tutoring

The first of the many utilities to be made available on the TEDU platform is the recently released TEDU Tutoring utility, a self-sustaining, peer-to-peer tutoring platform offered through your university exclusively for your students. Accessible through any of your student's devices, this platform offers on-demand, 24/7 academic support from other currently enrolled students within your university.

How it works

The TEDU platform generates valuable data and analytics which is provided back to your university and professors in real-time, giving you impactful insights to adjust curriculum, teaching methodology, and campus culture. The TEDU platform is also FERPA compliant and all data and analytics handled through the platform from your university are exclusive to your university to benefit from.

Instead of competing, TEDU operates by a conscious business model that partners with your university, along with sponsors, to help reduce or eliminate the many problems faced by students and higher education institutions. This subscription-based enterprise platform can be made available to your university for little or no net cost.


A cloud-based tutoring infrastructure similar to a ride-share model designed to offer safe, efficient, and cost-effective personalized tutoring solutions for each university's students, 24/7.

  1. Your students interact with each other when and where needed
  2. In person, group, and digital tutoring options from any device
  3. The data from each tutoring session is provided back to faculty in real-time
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A custom-built and integrated system portal for complete administrative control, functionality, customization and integration to external university processes.

  1. Automate or manually control the TEDU Infrastructure
  2. Receive real-time data and analysis to improve curriculum and teaching methodology
  3. Integrate with other university processes to further enhance the value of TEDU
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TEDU pairs your students with successful internship and job placements using a data-driven approach.

  1. TEDU Connect filters out ideal candidates from our database based on ideal placement indicators
  2. Students can take an optional personality assessment to further enhance their placements
  3. Students opt-in to receive opportunities directly to their device and email without effort
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